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At AURA we recognize the value of partnering with our customers and we have dedicated ourselves to providing superior quality and latest technology products that ensure your success while providing the lowest cost of ownership.We remain committed in our efforts to guide, educate, train and support you with embroidery Industry’s most experienced, dedicated and talented

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Aura Technologies founded in 2005 and based in Delhi, AURA TECHNOLOGIES is a trusted brand in the Computerized Embroidery and Textile Industry. We deal in Computerized Embroidery Machines and related solutions. Being one of the major suppliers of Chinese embroidery machines, our main focus has always been on research and development of best technology. We’re the Leading one-stop-solution-provider of advanced cutting-edge technologies, products, services & support. Our various embroidery machines are widely applied in the fields of fashion, like handbags, wedding dresses, shoes and hats, curtains, bedspreads, accessories, top grade art etc.

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Group Together

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  • Mr.Deepak Choudhary

    Founder and CEO

  • Mr.Dheeraj Choudhary

    Team Leader (Service)

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  • LEO-3

  • LYCX

  • MS-Series

  • HXCS